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Get more content to create awesome stuff with your kids and help us feed Kosmo so he won’t eat Sam.

Why support us?

We are a small team of creators, dads and weirdos, looking to inspire the next generation of creators.

So far we have been relying on our kids and immediate friend circles to help us make our insane creations come to life on camera. Becoming a supporter would help us expand this effort and fund more of the awesome content you see on our channel.

In joining you are supporting the continuing process of finding, filming, and sharing these practices plus, as we roll out our “soon to launch” content vault, swag store discounts and recipe blueprints, you’ll be the first to know and get special early access pricing. 

Our lowest support level is only $3/month

Our Subscriptions

Our support levels

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Getting weird

Our all-purpose membership, comes with our deep-rooted thanks to you for your support of this craziness. Also early registration access to live event and streams when they happen including their recordings.
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Making it weird

All the stuff from Getting Weird plus behind the scenes footage, access to crafting recipes, build guides and discounts on MiWW gear, tools and swag

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Keeping it weird

All the stuff from the other two membership levels plus a monthly activity kit with hand-picked crafty awesomeness


About the Make it Weird Workshop

We hoping to open up more opportunities for all makers and artists in our community through an online instructional maker series and pop-up events all across Georgia

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